Contributing to TaxonSearch

A New TaxonSearch Compilation

Creating a new TaxonSearch compilation for eventual upload on the Archive page can be accomplished on-line or by downloading a blank TaxonSearch file. Compilations can correspond with clades (monophyletic groups) by the same name but do not necessarily need to include all subclades. The file Stem Archosauria 1.0, for example, excludes taxa within the crown clades Crocodylia and Neornithes and within one diverse subclade Pterosauromorpha.

Field constraints maintain the uniformity of entered data, which facilitates comparison, searching, and sorting of records. For ease of reading, commas are omitted between author and date in all fields including author citations and phylogenetic definitions. The meaning and range of input is covered in Using TaxonSearch, in the Glossary in the navigational sidebar, and in references (Sereno 2005, in review, Sereno et al. in review). Compilations may be sent to TaxonSearch via email for review and eventual uploading.

Coming Soon

The feature for contributing to TaxonSearch should be available Q1 2006.


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