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Subclade Archosauria: Avemetatarsalia to Neornithes 

Taxon Feedback
Taxon Microraptorinae 
Nominal Author Senter et al. 2004 
2° Nominal Author  
Taxon Status active

Senter et al. (2004:7) mentioned Microraptorinae as a potential name for the taxon they ultimately named Microraptoria, which consists of Microraptor, Bambiraptor, and Sinornithosaurus. They set Microraptorinae in quotes, because they were concerned about its potential inclusion in other familial or subfamilial taxa within Dromaeosauridae.

This possibility, however, is easily controlled by including two additional external specifiers as is done in this compilation. Employing the subfamilial name is appropriate, as most analyses have placd Microraptor within Dromaeosauridae. In the unlikely possibility that Microraptor is positioned outside Dromaeosauridae, the subfamily will function in almost any concievable placement.

The active definition presented here is considered new with this compilation, as it is the first definition to be applied to Microraptorinae. There is a first-order difference between this definition and that provided by Senter et al. (1999) for Microraptoria. Authorship of the taxon, however, is attributable to Senter et al. (1999) irrespective of the surrounding quotes.

Potential Synonomy  

Active Phylogenetic Definition Feedback
Active Definition The most inclusive clade containing Microraptor zhaoianus Xu et al. 2000 but not Dromaeosaurus albertensis Matthew and Brown 1922, Velociraptor mongoliensis Osborn 1924, Unenlagia comahuensis Novas and Puerta 1997, Passer domesticus (Linnaeus 1758). 
Shorthand > Microraptor zhaoianus but not Dromaeosaurus albertensis, Velociraptor mongoliensis, Unenlagia comahuensis, Passer domesticus
Definitional Author Sereno 2005 
Definition Status original
textual substitution
first-order revision
second-order revision
Definition Type node
Node-Stem Triplet yes
Other Triplet Taxa  
Specifier A Microraptor zhaoianus 
Specifier(s) B  
Specifier(s) C Dromaeosaurus albertensis, Velociraptor mongoliensis, Unenlagia comahuensis, Passer domesticus 
Taxonomic Content stem (entirely extinct)
crown (extant-bounded)
mixed (extant/extinct-bounded)
Publication Year Sereno 2005 

Inactive Taxon Status Feedback
Rejection Criteria junior synonym
historically polyphyletic
incomplete definition
no definition

Current Age Range Feedback
Earliest Record Valangianian (140 Ma) 
Latest Record Campanian (71) 
Range (My) 61 
Basis for Range The earliest record is Sinornithosaurus millenii from the Yixian Formation of northeastern China (Barremian; Swischer et al. 2002). The latest record is Bambiraptor feinbergorum from Campanian-age rocks in Montana (Burnham 2004). Dates are rounded to the nearest million, the earliest from the beginning of the stage and the latest from the end of the stage (Gradstein et al. 2004). 

Additional Definitional History: None Available