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Subclade Archosauria: Avemetatarsalia to Neornithes 

Taxon Feedback
Taxon Coelophysidae 
Nominal Author Nopcsa 1928 
2° Nominal Author Paul 1988 
Taxon Status active

The taxon was first named by Paul (1988) based on Nopcsa’s (1928) subfamily Coelophysinae. Sereno (1998) provided the first definition. The active definition is a first-order revision that uses species rather than genera.

Tykoski and Rowe (2004) created a new definition for Coelophysidae using Syntarsus rather than Procompsognathus as an internal specifier, incorrectly citing Holtz (1994) as the source. Holtz (1994), however, did not discuss or define the taxonomic contents of Coelophysidae. They rejected the use of Coelophysidae sensu Sereno because their analysis finds Procompsognathus to be “unsteady under certain conditions.” Their consensus cladogram (Tykoski and Rowe 2004:3.12A) summarizing the results of their anaysis, however, shows Procompsognathus in a fully resolved position that would identify the same clade of coelophysoids as circumscribed by Sereno (1998).

Thus, there is little reason to alter the definition with Tykoski and Rowe’s (2004) second-order revision, as all analyses available show Syntarsus as closer to Coelophysis than Procompsognathus, and Procompsognathus as closer to Coelophysis than Liliensternus or other coelophysoids.

Potential Synonomy  

Active Phylogenetic Definition Feedback
Active Definition The least inclusive clade containing Coelophysis bauri (Cope 1889) and Procompsognathus triassicus Fraas 1913. 
Shorthand < Coelophysis bauri and Procompsognathus triassicus
Definitional Author Sereno 1998 
Definition Status original
textual substitution
first-order revision
second-order revision
Definition Type node
Node-Stem Triplet yes
Other Triplet Taxa Coelophysinae, Procompsognathinae 
Specifier A Coelophysis bauri 
Specifier(s) B Procompsognathus triassicus 
Specifier(s) C  
Taxonomic Content stem (entirely extinct)
crown (extant-bounded)
mixed (extant/extinct-bounded)
Publication Year 1998 

Inactive Taxon Status Feedback
Rejection Criteria junior synonym
historically polyphyletic
incomplete definition
no definition

Current Age Range Feedback
Earliest Record Carnian (228 Ma) 
Latest Record Pliensbachian-Toarcian (182 Ma) 
Range (My) 46 
Basis for Range The earliest record is based on the oldest Coelophysis bauri in the Chinle Formation (Carnian); the latest record is Segisaurus halli from the Pliensbachian-Toarcian Navajo Formation. Dates are rounded to the nearest million, the earliest from the beginning of the stage and the latest from the midpoint of the two stages given for the latest record (Gradstein et al. 2004). 

Definitional History #1
Definition 1 Coelophysis, Procompsognathus, their most recent common ancestor and all descendants. 
Author Seeno 1998:64 
Type node  stem 
Specifiers Coelophysis, Procompsognathus 

Definitional History #2
Definition 2 Coelophysis, Syntarsus and all descendants of their most recent common ancestor. 
Author Tykoski and Rowe 2004:64 
Type node  stem 
Specifiers Coelophysis, Syntarsus