Stem Archosauria 1.0

Compilation  Stem Archosauria
Version  1.0
Original Compiler(s)  Paul C. Sereno
2° Compiler(s)  none
Date Posted  November 07, 2005
Citation  Sereno, P. C. 2005. Stem Archosauria—TaxonSearch
URL htp://
[version 1.0, 2005 November 7]
No. Taxon Records  789
Keywords  Archosauria, Crurotarsi, Crocodylomorpha, Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Saurischia, Sauropoda, Theropoda, Aves
Notes on Records  Includes all suprageneric taxa within Archosauria that lie outside crown clades Crocodylia (extant crocodilians) and Neornithes (extant birds), excluding taxa within Pterosauromorpha.
Associated Publication(s)  P. C. Sereno. 2005. The logical basis of phylogenetic taxonomy. Systematic Biology 54:595-619.

Sereno, P. C. in review. A phylogenetic taxonomy for stem Archosauria (Tetrapoda: Reptilia). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Sereno, P. C., McAllister, S., and Brusatte, S. L. 2005. TaxonSearch: a relational database for suprageneric taxa and phylogenetic definitions. PhyloInformatics 8:1-21.

Acknowledgements  The author would like to thank S. McAllister for assistance in bringing TaxonSearch online and S. Brusatte for assistance in the compilation of taxon records.
Nemegtosauridae, as an active taxon
Kischlat (2000), 17 phylogenetic definitions included